Mmmkay, where is the fairy blogger? Because I am a bit behind. I’ll get there though! First up, the beautiful McGregor family.

This family of three is turning into a family of four and wanted some family photos in their space. I always feel so honored when I am invited into someone’s house to capture a glimpse of their everyday life. It makes for a special memory. At the last minute, we decided to also head over to the park down the street, so Ethan, their little one, could get some energy out. Both the park and their home was a dream. And by scrolling down, you’ll see the big big big hug Ethan gives his parents….and my heart melts.

Los Angeles, CA
April 2017





We Heart Mommy Mini Sessions

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, I worked on a collaboration with Fit4Mom Los Angeles to show some love for their mamas with a “hot air balloon” full of hearts and love! These “We Heart Mommy” minis were so incredibly adorable and unique to each babies personality! I loved how each of them took to the balloon in their own way and how that came across in the session. Scroll to see some of the highlights below.

Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles, CA
May 2017





I first “met” Shelley over Instagram and started “comment flirting” immediately.   This mama has a brilliant spirit and can make your mouth water with her images of the food she makes! She is so warm and easy to connect with, it’s seems fitting for her to be a blogger. I loved our photo adventure together around Carlsbad, it felt like hanging out with a good friend. xoxox, Shelley! You are stunning.

seashells & sit ups blog:

Carlsbad, CA
April 2017



This family. It is so special to me when someone reaches out for photos, especially a friend from my childhood (is high school years considered childhood?) Regardless, I was so thrilled to be asked to take these family photos and even more special, they took time out of their vacation time to do so! I am honored, truly. The Antelope Valley is a windy place, but we used it to our advantage and it added as comic relief when that wind picked up. 🙂 Also, aren’t they all so darling and dashing in their attire?! They were so full of love for each other and even made me feel loved (I was apart of the family selfie after the session!).

xoxo, Zarrinkhak & Estacion family.

Lancaster, CA
April 2017


mini sessions are back for Spring (April + May)! Perfect for all occasions & just because documenting our lives is so special (but it could be especially perfff for Mother’s Day or Easter 😍)

Weekends left (weekdays also available, contact me for more info):

4/22, 4/23
5/27, 5/28

$150 / 30 mins + digital images
Contact me for more details!

Los Angeles, CA

Location is flexible! contact me for more information!!!


I had one of those days. The days where you decide to go out of your norm.

Oliver and I were coming home from a little shoot with Jenn & Ava (The Overwhelmed Mommy) for one of their clients and decided to take a mini adventure. I have been staring at these rock formations for years, hoping one day to stop and explore, and by golly, TODAY was the day! I was in my Birkes and was a bit anxious with all the lizards running around, but I kept my cool…trying to have Oliver not afraid of bugs & things that scare me, so one day he will protect me from them (like his daddy!). And really, I saw a handful, not a million, so I told myself keep truckin’ with your open toe Birkes!

Now, I really want to take some portraits/couples/family/engagement/just because’s/anniversary/you name it photos here! There is SO much to explore, and so gorgeous. <3

March 2017
Los Angeles, CA




I mean, really, is there ANYTHING you want to gaze at more than cute little babies in trucker hats?! The Overwhelmed Mommy, Jenn, coordinated a beach day and all the babies got to stay cool in their Bubba’s Truckers hats. Oliver, my son, was even a model for a hot second! Until he lost his cool and was kicked off the gig. 😉 I just love seeing these babies in action! Scroll for some ADORABLE photos of babies in trucker hats, on the beach.

Jenn also has more about our beach day on her blog here:

Malibu, CA


This lovely, and I mean lovely, mommy and son duo were so much fun to photograph. Their eyes just captivate you. Max has a very inquisitive look about him and absolutely adored his mama; so beautiful. We took these photos at Griffith Park, right in the midst of the abnormal rainy LA days! That rain did the park some good, look at the luscious green…in Los Angeles?! 🙂 Their love was perfect and I am so glad to have met them!

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA
February 2017


Today, was laundry day in our household. And when I say day, I mean it. And not because we have a lot of clothes, because that isn’t it either, my husband only has 50 pieces in his wardrobe (shirts/tees/pants/shoes/jackets/suits)…maybe even less now, as we like to sort through our wardrobe often, to sift out the unnecessary. (My side of the closest has more, about 75 was the last count I think we did…) But it is because we have a hand crank laundry machine. When we got pregnant, one thing I became a bit obsessed with is figuring out how to cut our laundry. I mean, we do not have laundry in our apartment, it was costing us about $3-4 each load, and took way too much time & I refused to do it as we needed to go to our apartment’s basement. So we bought an option we could do in the comfort of our own home for like $80!

Any who, today, was laundry day. So Oliver stayed in his jammies/play suit and I did the laundry, although, at one point, Oliver “helped”. 🙂 Now, a side note, I still did not finish the laundry….only could do about half, as our drying system is to hang the clothes on a shower rod in the shower, therefore limiting our amount that can dry at one time. And I needed to pause throughout the day to capture some of these too cute moments and his “I’m dying I love these soo much” jammies. I’m consciously “look[ing] for the moments without distractions”.