I just can’t get enough of this sweet, sweet family; they were so much fun to work with and so easy going. Our original location for the photos were snowed in, but we passed the road closed signs and parked our cars here, right below where the snow hit the roads and I loved it! An ocean of love here. xoxo

Tehachapi, CA
November 2015

20151120-IMG_3202 20151120-IMG_3218 20151120-IMG_3235 20151120-IMG_3247 20151120-IMG_3273 20151120-IMG_3310 20151120-IMG_3336 20151120-IMG_3373 20151120-IMG_3406 20151120-IMG_3441 20151120-IMG_3457 20151120-IMG_3475 20151120-IMG_3490 20151120-IMG_3536 20151120-IMG_3539

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